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A "bum" is the smallest form of currency (sort of--you can still break them in half and such), representing a copper by D&D reckoning. Named because I was entirely too amused by learning that the smallest denomination coins in the Roman empire were asses.

That said, Li's making a lot more than a lot of people. Just less than pretty much any non-apprentice in town.

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February 4, 2007

A few minor updates.

First-off, I'm sorry for failing to update last Sunday's comic for . . . several days. I can't remember if I had a good reason, but I have a tendency to doubt it--it was mostly an issue of not being home for very long since Friday night. Foresight will attempt to be exercised in the future.

Second-off, I've made a LiveJournal community, dnp_comic. Basically, this is a place where I can put strip commentary where it won't get in the way of people reading for the first time, post new pictures without having to mess about with the gallery, and where I can say what the hell is up with whatever update I've missed most recently. While D&P fan-conversation is allowed there, you should probably keep that concentrated in the Eikanka forum for now--I don't have enough of a fanbase to divide it very far. Not very many of you stuck around past the hiatus, for good reason.

Third, I've put up a new wallpaper in Extras. It's only available in 800x600 right now, since it was pretty much an experiment--but I've still got the pieces, so I can make it bigger if anyone wants it. There's also a button-sized banner from the same art in Banners. Check it out! (I've also got a Li-based 200x40 banner there, but I don't like it nearly so much.)

Finally, I've come up with sort of an Alternate-Universe Dog & Pony idea that I may fuss with from time to time. Check out the first page at DrunkDuck: Threepenny Row.

See you later!

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