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January 1, 2007 - April 1, 2006 - December 14, 2005 - August 26, 2005 - May 05, 2005 - May 03, 2005 - April 15, 2005 - April 13, 2005

January 1, 2007

So, uh, hi. Been a while. Totally my fault. Sorry.

Anyway, if anyone's still watching this space, I have a few announcements. The most important of which is that Dog & Pony is returning on a twice-weekly schedule on Saturday, January 13. I don't know how long this schedule will hold--I think I'm actually biting off a bit more than I can chew with this, but we'll see.

Why am I biting off a bit more than I can chew? Because starting somewhere around that time, I will be drawing for CameoComic, a joint project between myself, Hogan, and Netpoet. (I don't know Netpoet that well, but you may recognize Hogan from Realm of the Dragoneers and The Webcomic Crossover and Cameo Archive. This will update Monday through Friday through its limited run--in other words, every day that Dog & Pony doesn't update.

I might possibly be mad, but if I ever want to be a cartoonist . . . or really, anything . . . I have to learn to stick to my deadlines. So it's sort of a do-or-die.

Anyway, see you then! Also, in the meantime, you may want to check out the Dog & Pony Forums--there have been a few things posted over the past few months that may have escaped your notice, and you may see some things from me in the weeks to come, as well.

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you're having fun.

April 1, 2006

Y'know, it'd be awesome if this were an April Fool's joke . . . but it isn't. The holiday kind of crept up on me. And anyway, hey, this largely has to do with the comic being back, so . . . probably a good thing it's not a joke, anyway.

I kind of dropped the ball before. Sorry. This is gonna keep happening, I just hope I can keep the intervals fairly reasonable. And maybe make an LJ community or a mailing list or something.

I've got more than updates for you, though! The Cast Page has been updated with some more accurate bios. I've also got a lovely new piece of Fan Art from Alpha Degree--check it out! I've updated the Links Page, as well--it's been too long since I've worked it. Also, just because I want to pad the update a bit, here's a drawing of Li in a corset and farthingale I posted to the forums.

Since I'm trying to fix up the site, bug reports are heartily welcomed. Also, if there's anything you'd like me to change or add, do mention it!

So, uh . . . yeah. Stay cool. ^_^

December 14, 2005

Well, I've gone on and come back from my first hiatus. Not exactly something to be proud of, but hey, I'm here again.

I can't promise that it won't happen again--in fact, it probably will. I'm warning you now. My current goal is to get to the end of Chapter Two--whenever that happens to occur--without stopping.

But on to happier news! You may have noticed the little orange buttons that recently sprang up under the comics, or the search box in the left column of the main page. I've added Oh No Robot's services, which should hopefully eventually allow text-based search of all Dog & Pony comics. So if you've got one you enjoy and would like being able to find later, transcribe it! :) It can only help.

I've got some new fanart from the illustrious Roman Wunderlich at The B-Movie Comic. Check it out!

Also, there's a new wallpaper in the Extras section! One that, hopefully, doesn't suck. (I'm not fond of the old one.) Why not check that out, too?

I'll be messing around with the comic format for the next few weeks, trying to find something that works really well and easily. (Unless, of course, I find something before then.) Y'know . . . I was certain consistency was Really Important, but I've kind of come to believe that Whatever Works really is a better way to think about it.

That's all for now, but hopefully more soon. Be cool!

August 26, 2005

It's been a while, hasn't it, folks? But never fear, I'm back with updates.

First, Li now has an entry on the Cast page. Finally! Go check it out. :)

Also, I've received some lovely fanart from Chris Tout, Fiona Dann, and Roman Wunderlich. You can see it all in the Fanart section.

I've added a few new storylines to the dropdown *points up*, so hopefully that'll let you navigate more easily.

Also, I've updated my links. Dog and Pony has an informational fansite, and I've got a side project. Why not check it out?

And I've changed the URL from http://dogandpony.keenspace.com to http://dogandpony.comicgen.com ; update your bookmarks and links!

So, until next time, be cool!

May 15, 2005

My archives are fixed! You can now navigate the site normally through the navigation buttons or through the calendar page.

Some other things to mention, since I haven't had much of an opportunity to update the box--I had to keep the comic dates up.

1 - We now have a fanart section! Much thanks to Mravac Kid for his drawing of Li, who has not yet been introduced (but who has been pictured in the extras section.

2 - I've de-aged Karo by two years in the cast section. He's now 23. (That's still way older than he seems, though.)

3 - CountAlpicola, from the forums, made us an RSS feed! You've probably already seen this if you use Firefox, but . . . yeah. ^^ Check it out here.

4 - We've surpassed a hundred posts on the forum! Considering how new this place is, I think that's pretty nifty.

5 - I put an out-of-continuity strip into the Extras. It comes after this one.

May 03, 2005

(Note: I've submitted a guest strip to Pandimaniacs! View it here.)

(Also: I've submitted a picture to Keenswim! See Karo in all his . . . not-wearing-a-shirt glory here.)

All right, hopefully this'll be solved by the time this actually goes up, but . . . you know. Just in case.

My archives aren't working at the moment. (Why? Because I deleted a folder despite being told repeated times not to.) Which means you can't see the previous comics by hitting the back button.

However, I've uploaded the strips elsewhere for the time being:

The First Strip
The Second Strip.
The Third Strip.
The Fourth Strip
The Fifth Strip
The Sixth Strip
The Seventh Strip
The Eighth Strip
The Ninth Strip
The Tenth Strip
The Eleventh Strip
The Twelfth Strip
The Thirteenth Strip

Thank you for your patience.

In addition, there should be a few new drawings in Extras. Why don't you check it out? :)

April 15, 2005

We have a forum! Check it out--it's empty right now, but I hope you guys can help me with that. (Not that I expect miracles--there ARE only two strips up, yet. But eventually, I hope it to be lively.) Thanks a ton, Josh!

. . . not much news today. Ah, well. :)

April 13, 2005

Welcome to Dog and Pony! It took me a while to get everything online, but hopefully we're all a go, now.

First-off, I have to mention that, as of yet, everything I'm doing here is an experiment. I'm still playing around things. If color, for instance, turns out to be too huge of a pain, I'll quit. You probably won't notice most of the stuff, but . . . yeah. Just saying that nothing's solid at this point.

Two, I don't want ANY typos in my comic. I've never liked seeing them in other comics, and I don't want any in mine. However, I've always been anxious about e-mailing artists about it . . .

So if you see any typos in my comic, e-mail me. I'll send you a drawing for every typo that hasn't already been caught by someone. I promise.

That should cover things for now. I hope you enjoy the adventures of my quasi-medieval adventuring group!


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