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The Party

Brighton - Karo - Ulf - Li



The Party


Age: 19
Race: Human
Class: Bard

Brighton wasn't interested in the priesthood, like his father wanted him to be; he was more interested in stories than faith. So when he finished University, instead of heading to Seminary, he decided to find his fortune as an adventurer on the road.

Smart, but not entirely wise, Brighton has trouble reconciling facts from books with the reality of the universe. The little things escape him more often than not, and he's easily frustrated by things that don't go exactly as planned. His determination allows him to beat at a problem until it's solved, however, and in the heat of things he can generally bark out the right orders to keep everyone alive.


Age: 23
Race: Human
Class: Wizard

Age: 2
Race: Frog
Class: None

Many wizards have familiars. Most know better than to talk to them at length in public. Karo's gotten himself a bit of a reputation where he's gone for chattering, laughing, and arguing at seemingly nothing. Athene's an integral part of the team, though; even though she looks like a frog, she's very wise, and serves (when he bothers to listen) to ground the flighty wizard in tight spots.

Hyper and energetic, Karo's driven mainly by his big mouth and bigger illusions; he's concerned with keeping up appearances above all. He tends to let go of this wholesale when the image starts to crack, becoming depressed and largely useless. Athene, for her part, is very patient with the young mage, but even a familiar's patience can't be endless.


Age: 43
Race: Orc
Class: Fighter

Ulf was once a knight, or so he's given to claim; however, his figurative armor seems to have rusted over the years. (His non-figurative armor is said to have been sold years ago.) Whatever his background, he spends most of his days drinking ale in Bastion's only pub, with no explanation of how or why.

An Orc past his prime, Ulf is surly, sarcastic, and generally difficult to get along with. This is intentional, and generally serves to keep him left alone. God knows why he decided to join an adventuring group, given this, but his down-to-earth mentality and cynical outlook lend something otherwise unknown to the party.


Age: 20
Race: Elf
Class: . . . probably Rogue?

Out-of-place in her own society, Li instead takes interest in humans--their music, their culture and their language. She's managed to learn the latter, and is always looking to learn more about the first two. Her methods to this end are questionable, and it's doubtful she's ever managed to get more information from a party than she has from our very own group.

Li lived in Adelay Forest, where she gleefully accosted whatever travelers she found--until she met up with this curious crew. Now she's tagging along with them in Bastion, hoping to make herself a home. Enthusiastic and eager to help, Li nevertheless fails to grasp the concept of "personal space". Karo appears to be turning the tables of that one on her, though.



Age: 23
Race: Half-Orc
Occupation: Bartender

Grimti runs the Dog and Pony, which is the only inn in Bastion. There isn't much to-do about the place--it's basic and fairly dirty--but it'll serve anyone with a few coins an ale and a warm meal in relative peace.

Grimti has a short temper, and she takes no disrespect in her bar or her personal life; the last person to insult her on a significant level, known as her husband at the time, ended up with a broken jaw. Perhaps as a result, she isn't very close to anybody. It's just as well; from her position, she's seen a number of people at their most pathetic, and isn't very quick to join them.


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